PA GROUP announces company rebranding and new business strategies

PA Group announces the launch of the new company brand with which, from October 2017, all the 10 subsidiaries in Italy and in the United States will start operating.

This is how the Group’s reorganization takes place, already active in the fields of Business Solutions, IT Security, Networking, System Integration, today it is operating in the global market as a full service provider of Consultancy, Technology, and Innovation for Industry, TELCO, Finance, and Public Administration.

The rebranding process is part of a larger transformation that implies the implementation of a single strategy and a common vision”, says Ennio Baracetti – President of PA Group. “Thanks to the merger and acquisition plans undertaken over the years, and thanks to the continuous hiring of specialized profiles, the Group has evolved, expanded its value proposition, and achieved a new dimension and a new market positioning. From service and technology providers, we have become active promoters of our customers’ digital growth and transformation processes”.

A change of perspective well expressed by the new logo that transforms the individual points of the previous brand into curved lines that extend in the same direction. Their inclination evokes a fluid motion that symbolizes dynamism (understood both as speed and spirit of initiative), development, innovation and growth capacity. All these concepts are also reiterated by the new pay-off that accompanies the brand: “Leading Business Innovation“.

Rebranding is also an important step in the growth plan through 2019.

We are working on the new and important industrial plan that will allow us to compete with the biggest players and bring the turnover from the current 53 to more than 80 million euros”. – says Baracetti. “An ambitious goal that we are sure we will achieve together with our team of over 700 young and specialized professionals (80% are less than 40 years old Ed). They are our experts who, starting from process analysis, realize innovative solutions and generate value for customers, making an important contribution to the growth of the Group.”

Pa Group since 1998 has been supporting Companies, the world of Finance, and Public Administration in the processes of GROWTH AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION. Today the Group counts more than 3000 customers worldwide, including Banks, Local Authorities, Enterprises, Service Companies and Telecommunications Companies.