Novustech at Symantec EMEA Vision 2012 – Press release



Milan, 6th November 2012 – Novustech is going to be present as sponsor at Symantec EMEA Vision 2012, one of the most important events of ICT sector.

Vision 2012 edition will be focused on the importance of protecting information from the increasing number and complexity of both internal and external threats.

Security measures are essential for companies to protect confidential data against uncontrolled access, and avoid leakage of information.

Novustech, as exhibitor of the event, will have its own booth and seize the opportunity to introduce attendees its data classification tool named KA.ηt (Novustech Klassification Accelerator). It is a desktop classification solution that allows end-user to decide the level of confidentiality of all Office documents on the desktop and Outlook items, by classifying them according to customized categories defined for the specific business needs. A special ribbon button allows user to assign a label to each document, in order to identify its level of confidentiality and inform other users about its content. So, KA.ηt increase efficiency and simplify data loss prevention processes. It also interoperates with data loss prevention technologies as Symantec DLP solution, and with archiving technologies as Symantec Enterprise Vault, to improve and simplify protection of classified files and emails.

Info about Novustech

Novustech is an ICT consulting company offering solutions built on top of leading technologies for business. Novustech, partner of Symantec since its foundation, is based in Italy but delivers in many EMEA countries projects relating Information Management, with particular attention to Archiving and eDiscovery, Data Loss Prevention, Data Protection (more ).

Novustech matches innovation and experience to provide solutions which optimize business customers’ infrastructure. The additional value of Novustech’s consulting model comes  from  jointing IT expertise, professional experience and the choice of market leader technologies.

Thanks to a structured consulting method, we improve IT infrastructure of customers, increasing efficiency.

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