An innovative consulting model to reach the highest level of efficiency


Decades of experience of its founders, together with a broad and innovative vision of business, have allowed ηovustech to study and develop an innovative five-steps consulting model able to improve company’s performance:

1.     Definition of requirements: the firs step is to acquire a deep knowledge of the customer’s needs to provide an effective service.

2.   Market analysis: an accurate analysis of target and competitors is essential to succeed in finding the most appropriate solution to satisfy customer’s needs;

3.    Development: planning, editing and implementing the selected solution;

4.    Knowledge transfer: we believe that a solution can be really effective only when the customer can self manage it. ηovustech provides to customers the knowledge on how to do it.

5.    Health check: innovation means evolution. As ICT world is ever-changing, it’s essential to steadily monitor the adopted solution, and integrate it with efficient actions that keep the performance growing with time.