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Reduce Cost and Risk with our eDiscovery Services!

eDiscovery_service_martellettoEmerging technologies in the field of electronic discovery now enable lawyers to more quickly and accurately identify the most important documents using a comprehensive and defensible process that is less expensive and more effective than commonly used alternatives.

We can provide assistance to help all sizes of enterprises and government customers, with litigation support and regulatory matters.

Novustech consultants have expertise in first hand litigation experience, extensive backgrounds in litigation support and eDiscovery technologies and solutions that improve efficiency while reducing costs and risks.

Symantec’s Clearwell E-Discovery Platform is a leading platform which offers several valuable tools for eDiscovery management of email, social media, voicemails. Customers can manage legal, regulatory and investigative matters using a single application.

Clearwell’s eDiscovery software is designed to automate and streamline the digital investigation process, helping investigators handle more investigations in less time, while improving the accuracy of the results. Clearwell’s eDiscovery software forensically collects electronic files from across the organization, automatically analyzes the data, and enables investigators to rapidly identify all evidence and suspects involved in a corporate or government investigation.

Clearwell complies to EDRM – eDiscovery Reference ModelEDRM

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